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Paradigm’s products are implemented in over 200 organizations, both in the public and private sectors, such as state libraries, universities, colleges, ministries and business organizations. Our products and services have been proven to meet the diverse demands and initiatives of these organizations for gaining greater efficiencies in Information Management and Knowledge Management .

Browse our case studies to see how our products and services have met such demands and how they have helped to overcome specific challenges faced by our customers.

Information Management To Knowledge Management : The Road Ahead For The Malaysian Armed Forces Personnel
The Information Management project is one of the armed forces’ long term strategies to liberalize knowledge to their personnel, and eventually, paved the way ahead to managing knowledge for the armed forces.

The International Islamic University of Malaysia (IIUM) Improves Quality of Service And Knowledge Sharing With Multimedia Objects Manager (MOM)
Using MOM’s combination of browsing and keyword features, IIUM had facilitated knowledge seekers with an almost perfect suite of tools to mine the University’s knowledge base.

MIDA : Knowledge at Work
Our information silos grew from hosting bibliographic records of books, to digital content of research papers, photographs, speeches, minutes of meetings, director of experts, specific newspaper cuttings and any document that we found to be related and could of use to our patrons. Paradigm’s NeuSyn, NeuWeb and NeuLogic suite of applications and services allowed us to successfully manage this content.

Databridge with PARAMIPS, the UiTM Story
Having implemented the Databridge tools within the NeuSync™ portfolio ,our ‘Cataloging Engine room’s’ processing times increased by 7 fold and our books were reaching the shelves within record times. We saved thousand of dollars in annual subscription licenses.

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