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* ILMU™ is a jointly developed product of Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM) and Paradigm Systems Berhad

Highlights of our Solutions and Services

  • Fully integrated end to end Information and Knowledge Management Solutions.
  • Rich set of functionality offer a wide range of solutions for the client to choose from.
  • Products conform to international standards such as ISO 2709, Z39.2, CCF, AACRII, ANSI Z39.50 etc.
  • Design Architecture exceptionally well structured. Allows component replacement without the need to re-engineer the application.
  • Products may operate with other existing solutions that the client may already have implemented. Offers investment protection.
  • Stable and reliable software.
  • Attractive Total Cost of Ownership.
  • Strong experience and presence in Information and Knowledge Management solutions business in Malaysia.
  • Skilled Subject Matter Experts will ensure that clients do things right the first time. This results in accelerated return on investments.
  • Very experienced and competent implementation consultants to assist the client extract maximum benefit out of our solutions to improve effectiveness and efficiency.


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