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Our Newsletter, Paradigm – The Model Used As A Standard, is issued to keep our customers and friends abreast with the latest topics of discussion and happenings within our Paradigm Community.

With each issue of our Newsletter, we acquire new knowledge and are excited to share this knowledge with our customers and friends - to build an even bigger community.

We welcome you to join us as we journey on to build this knowledge repository. Download our Newsletters now to know more about our Paradigm Community.

Vol. 4, June 2010
Transforming information into knowledge is a journey : an ongoing activity. The sooner it is embraced the better, as it is inevitable. The more experience one gets the easier the process becomes. As a community service, we share some insights to lighten the transformation process in this issue of our Newsletter.

Vol. 3, August 2009
No man is an island. We all live, work, or otherwise exist in communities. Do CoPs develop naturally or would there be a need to jumpstart CoPs ? Find out more in this issue of our Newsletter.

Vol. 2, July 2008
For the first time ever in Malaysia, saw the appearance of two Knowledge Management gurus together – Dave Snowden and Dr. Laurence Prusak at the Conference in Managing Innovation for the Competitive Edge, an event hosted by Paradigm and The International Islamic University from 30 June to 1 July 2008. Get more insights in this issue of our Newsletter.

Vol. 1, April 2007
From a small startup software solutions company formed in 1994, Paradigm has grown from strength to strength and is today a leading enterprise solutions provider in Information and Knowledge Management. Welcome to our maiden Newsletter.

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