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Corporate Culture
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Paradigm has developed its own corporate culture that evolved since the company’s inception. The core values inculcated and regularly reinforced, include :-

  • Integrity
    Integrity is the foundation of who we are and what we stand for. Integrity helps us build trust and respect among all of our business relationships - with each other, and with our customers, suppliers and shareholders. Integrity means that there is no gap between what we say and what we do, and there is continuity between our thoughts and actions. Our guiding principles of integrity are our strong Code of Ethics and our commitment to uphold the highest standards of corporate governance.

  • Customer Focus
    The importance of the customer can never be overemphasized. The very existence of Paradigm is to offer quality products and services that will delight the customer. Customer focus ensures that we do not deviate from our mission. It has to be intense and unwavering.

  • Respect For The Employee
    Respect for the employee is one of the main tenets upon which Paradigm is and will continually operate. In fact, employees will be treated like partners. All policies and opportunities related to employees must be honest, fair and unbiased.

  • Products and Services
    Aside from the quality, efficiency and effectiveness of the products and services produced by Paradigm, they (the products and services) should add value to the customer in particular and the community in general. The multiplier effect should benefit the nation.

The values outlined above have permeated throughout the organization. Such is the influence that no one person or group of persons in Paradigm is able to control or influence its corporate culture. Some of the main signals of Paradigm’s corporate culture are :-

  • Team Work
    In Paradigm, all customer calls are attended to immediately by the first person who receives a support call. Immediate acknowledgement in writing is done indicating the expected turnaround time to resolve an issue, if the issue cannot be resolved immediately. When a Customer Support Engineer is unable to or is having difficulty addressing an issue, others with knowledge in the given area offer assistance and close the service call as soon as possible, without any intervention from the management. This culture automatically rubs off onto new recruits as they observe the seniors practicing it.

  • Productivity
    The productivity of the staff of Paradigm is high. This is evident from the head count against the revenue and profits. The staff work extremely hard and take pride in their work. They also work with minimal supervision and are very committed and responsible. They organize their work well and work toward zero defect. We have had praises heaped on us by our customers and general observers on the productivity of our staff. The management philosophy of empowerment, respect, and trust is repaid by the culture that has evolved among the employees.

  • Cost Consciousness
    Recycling, car pooling, switching off electrical items like air-conditioners and light to save electricity consumption, organizing support travel to optimize trips, optimized usage of the telephone, e-mail and Instant Messaging for cost effectiveness are but some of the cost reduction culture in Paradigm, which the staff appear to embrace wholeheartedly. This is evident in the way the cost reduction methods are practiced by the staff. As a customer centric organization, this culture is extremely important. The employees are constantly reminded that cost saving should not only be practiced in Paradigm but also when they are at the customers location. Evidently this culture has been noticed by many of our customers.

  • Staff Turnover
    The culture of long term employment is apparent in Paradigm. Most of the staff that join Paradigm seem to take the cue from the seniors and look at employment in Paradigm on a long term basis. Those who do not fit in, generally leave within the first year of service. This translates into stability, reliability and comfort all round; for Paradigm, the employee and the customer. Staffs do not worry about retrenchment, salary cuts and other ills of a floundering organization. Paradigm does not have to constantly recruit new staff, train and co-opt them to subscribe to its corporate culture, customers have people who grow with them supporting them through the life span of the system. Low staff turnover also contributes to the stability of Paradigm’s corporate culture.

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