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Delivering round-the-clock comprehensive customer-centric services to ensure business agility.

Paradigm’s potent combination of a sophisticated suite of software applications and relentless support helps improve productivity.

Enjoy the Key Benefits offered by Our Service Programs
  • Participate in our workshops and collaborate with our Local Subject Matter Experts
  • Engage with our Customer Support to address your issues
  • Enjoy rapid response with our 24x7 resolution support
  • Implement your improvements via our regulated Systems Health and Audit Check Programs.

More than ever, in today's challenging business environment, best-run companies are staying focused on their most valuable assets – their Customers. As such weathering today’s economic climate, maintaining the highest levels of comprehensive and round-the-clock customer-centric services is absolutely essential.

Paradigm’s suite of products and services are unique as the businesses they serve. That’s why we support our market-leading solutions with leading-edge professional services. We deliver our services with two services teams: a strategic services team and a delivery services team-through several vehicles, including virtual and on-site support, product awareness workshops, consulting engagements and the implementation of User Education Programs .

We partner with our clients to deliver customized solutions that resolve their most significant issues and create lasting competitive advantage. Utilizing more than a decade of industry experience and functional expertise, Paradigm looks beyond standard solutions to develop new insights, mobilize organizations and drive tangible results to make companies more capable.

Our Service Management Program will help you improve the productivity of your organization by providing proactive services, insightful workshops, and customized information embracing the latest technologies, packaged with :-

  • A Comprehensive Service Management Profile, guiding you through the creation and execution of a comprehensive service improvement plan focused on the operational efficacy of your Information Systems.

  • Risk Assessment Programs such as Operations Strategic Health Check Reviews and Systems Audit Checks delivering remediation advice for your installed solutions, helping you implement improvements.

  • Skill and Technological Advancement Programs (STEP) providing proactive training that helps improve application operations inclusive of interactive break-fix labs to prepare knowledge workers to effectively address realistic scenarios.

    Paradigm 24x7 support coverage helps you maximize the availability and efficiency of your Solution infrastructure, reduce your risks, and improve your knowledge worker’s productivity.

  • 24x7 Problem Resolution Support that provide rapid response and solutions for operational problems any time issues arise.

  • Critical Situation Management (CSM) that arises from a Customer distress call. CSM immediately spurs our well-oiled technical experts into action at our customer’s site.

  • ‘Knowledge-Nuggets’ that are suite of technical tip bulletins to assist customers remain up to date on the latest application work-around and best practices.

  • Engaging Help Desk Personnel that are skilled to untangle complications and walk-through your work-processes from end-to-end.

Our Engaging STEP workshops and seminars, delivers hands-on technology transfer, share implementation scenarios and experiences, learn best practices and enhance operational efficacy.
Skill & Technology Enrichment Programme (STEP) – Workshop Skill & Technology Enrichment Programme (STEP) – Workshop Skill & Technology Enrichment Programme (STEP) – Workshop
Title: Fast Track to ILMU™ Title: Managing Your Library Solution Effectively
Title: Report Generation in ILMU
Date: 31 March 2010 & 12 May 2010 Date: 26 April 2010 Date: 2 June 2010
  • Identify critical functions in Library systems administration
  • Walk-through key functional areas in each module
  • Pertinent issues addressed to successfully run each function
  • Enhance the technical knowledge of system administrators to better maintain their library solution
  • Assist users in resolving their technical problems via first-level, hands-on technical support
  • Face-to-face discussion with subject matter experts
  • Guide users to create personalized report in user-definable formats
  • Enhance the skills of librarians and/or resource centre professionals to provide precise report information
  • Assist librarians and/or resource centre professionals to analyze their library’s performance in key areas of interest

Skill & Technology Enrichment Programme (STEP) – Workshop
Skill & Technology Enrichment Programme (STEP) – Workshop
Reach Out Programme
Title: Building Report Using EIS Report Generator Title: Enhancing Your Library Portal Title: Knowledge Management Awareness Talk
Date: 30 June 2010 Date: 28 July 2010 Date: 20 & 22 July 2010
  • Guide users to generate multiple types of reports by using the EIS Report Generator Module.
  • Assist librarians and/or resource centre professionals to apply various report delivery mechanisms for day-to-day monitoring of transactions at every part of the organization.
  • Equip librarians and/or resource centre professionals with relevant skills to monitor and assess the library’s performance with the help of analytical reports.
  • Provide training for users to perform essential web administration functions.
  • Assist users to fully exploit the various web designing tools available to enhance their portal designing skills.
  • Equip web administrators with skills in portal maintenance so as to keep the organization’s portal constantly updated with information and content that is relevant to the organization.
  • Explained the definition of knowledge : explicit and tacit knowledge
  • Provided the importance and advantages of managing knowledge effectively in organizations
  • Highlighted and instilled awareness in viewing knowledge as a key organizational resource towards achieving organizational objectives.

Reach Out Programme

Title: Knowledge Café
Date: 20th & 21 July 2010     
  • Explained the ‘Knowledge Café’ concept – an avenue for knowledge workers to engage in open and creative conversations on a specific topic of discussion
  • Provided a platform where participants are able to share their knowledge and insights in order to gain a deeper understanding of issues related to the subject-matter at hand
  • Ability to consolidate views, re-map and re-align approaches with regards to topic in order to improve or address the current issues faced.

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