Customized STEP strengthens and improves client Operational Efficiency via hands-on technology transfer

Paradigm’s “Skill & Technology Enrichment Programme”, a.k.a. “STEP”, is a collection of customized workshops and seminars that run throughout the year, specifically designed to enable our clients, especially those falling under our software maintenance programme, to ultimately improve their system up-time and productivity. STEP achieves this by helping them minimize hassle and thereby enabling them to improve overall operational efficiency.

Our “STEP” is also flexible in that it offers our non-maintenance clients the opportunity to participate in these pre-planned annual workshops and seminars via our “payable per participation” mode, thus enabling them to also benefit from STEP’s skill and technology transfer.

Our execution methodology in STEP supports our promised value added services to our clients in the following manners.

Firstly, STEP workshops are customized to suit our clients’ requirements based on customer feedbacks that we receive via our service alerts and our customer interaction programmes.

Secondly, these workshops are conducted as customized hands-on sessions to ensure each client is able to understand the workflow as well as openly discuss the problems they face during their day-to-day operations.

By employing a coaching technique, our clients who attend STEP workshops gain new insights and skills on ways to effectively configure their system in order to efficiently address current changes that they may encounter.

With change being the only “constant”, STEP as a technology transfer programme, via its hands-on approach helps build our clients’ confidence in applying their newly acquired knowledge when facing future changes. We guide them in how to effectively devise new solutions and workarounds to handle these possible changes that may occur within their system’s operating environment.

Thirdly, STEP seminars, which constitute lectures and dialogue sessions that allow participants to share their experiences in a specific topic of common interest, is conducted under the guidance of an expert discussion leader, thus enabling our participants to enrich their skills in a given topic of the seminar.

As briefly pointed out within all three methodologies above, STEP portrays our ultimate objective of enhancing our clients’ operational efficiency via enriching their present skills, customized toward their specifically addressed present as well as possible future needs and requirements.

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