Empowering Librarians to Organize and Administer their Work Place

The increasing role of technology in libraries has a significant impact on the changing roles of librarians. New technologies are dramatically increasing the accessibility of information, and librarians are continuously challenged to adapting to the evolving expectations of users , but yet productivity and efficiency of the daily demanding work task of librarians cannot be compromised.

Paradigm recognises the librarians’ needs and some of the new features introduced in our digital library solutions, Integrated Library Management Utility (ILMU™) , are the My Favourites and the Workflow/Core Program functionalities.

Typically, a library system solutions are organised as huge hierarchical structures with cross-links to various modules and programs such as “Acquisitions > Listing > Order Request Listing” or “Cataloging > Report > Cataloging Holdings Report”. My Favourites and Workflow/Core Program are organising tools that aimed to help librarians organise their daily tasks and their jobs as a whole.

Customise your own workplace with My Favourites

My Favourites acts as a short-cut that allows librarians to quickly access tasks that are important and frequently used without going through hierarchical paths. The system will load the selected favourite programs when user log in to the system. It allows users to customize their own display mode of ILMU™ explore which meets their day-to-day job needs.

Key benefits of My Favourites:

  • Empower librarians to customize their own display mode of ILMU explorer
  • Save time by providing access to the information and actions quickly
  • Let librarians organize and administer their workplace
  • Finally, improve productivity and efficiency

Make your process smoother with Workflow/Core Program

Workflow/Core Program provides a common location for workflow definitions used by individual or user groups. It is a way to standardize workflows and can be used to pull together jobs in a common work groups of the library. Once configured, the selected workflows are added to the Home page of the respective work tasks.

Key benefits of Workflow/Core Program:

  • Librarians can visualize their work according to a predetermined process
  • Standardize a procedure that is consistently followed and eliminating unnecessary steps
  • Make your library process much smoother
  • Finally, improve productivity and efficiency

Whether you are an indexer, cataloger, or responsible in the acquisitions, circulation or administration process, My Favourites and Workflow/Core Program cater for each and every role of a librarian - empowering one to organise and administer their own work place to improve productivity and efficiency.

Note: These new features will be released soon. Contact us to find out more about these features and other exciting new ILMU features.

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